What is secure information management?

Secure information management is important for any organization. In many companies, there is a wealth of data sources. Information needs to be correct in order to make the right decisions in business processes. But also needs to be securely archived because you don’t want to share everything with the external world. Secure information management requires an understanding of information flows and unambiguous policies to ensure this.

Why are digital forms needed for information management?

To properly manage information within the organization, employees need good tools. If these are missing, employees start looking for solutions themselves and this often leads to an uncontrolled mass of to-do lists, overviews in Excel, and extra mail traffic. The solution must be found in centralizing the source of information.

Smart digital checklists and forms can support many business processes and store the data in a central database.

Moreover, security is increased by personal authorization for editing the information.

How secure are these digital forms?

Besides the organizational measure of centralizing and channeling the source of information by using digital forms, additional technical measures also determine the final security. If you want to use the Cloud, it is important to know where the information is stored and how the supplier is organized. If you choose an ISO 27001-certified supplier, you can be sure that secure information management is the focus of attention and the measures are also checked with a certifying audit.

How online forms work within information management

Workflow management is the driving force behind smart information management. Information is pulled through the business process with the form, supplemented, and also stored centrally. It is thus an integral part of employees’ work. Online forms are very widely applicable in almost all supporting business processes and can be tailored exactly to the needs of the organization.

If desired, the online forms can also exchange data with other systems such as ERP or the reporting tool Power BI. This way, unambiguous information is always available within the organization and the right decisions can be taken.

The benefits of digital forms for information management

The HeyForm software is a no-code application. This means that anyone without ICT knowledge can configure online forms, including the workflow management function.

Our library also includes many form templates for supporting various business processes.

These templates are built based on our extensive experience but are of course easy to adapt to your own situation.

Good information management increases the quality of business processes and saves employees at least 30% time. These benefits contribute significantly to the final business result.

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