Data management with digital forms

A simple solution to this problem is a digital forms system with workflow.

This makes it easy to digitize and automate business processes with workflow technology. Information is handled in an unambiguous way, supplemented if necessary, and stored in one central location. The data is immediately available for up-to-date reports.

A well-chosen digital forms system requires no specific ICT knowledge, increases efficiency, and has a very short payback period.

  • A manufacturing company replaced 6 Excel files in a business process with 1 smart form. It shortened the annual reporting time by 50 days. The investment was only 10 days.
  • A service provider automated the service calls, informing the departments involved directly and reducing the turnaround time of the call, including processing in financial administration, by 80%.
  • A construction company automated the VCA inspection rounds, whereby embedded photos had more effect than full sentences. Actions were already known to the foreman before the project manager had returned to the construction office.

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