Potential application areas of predictive marketing

The collected data is only of use to us if we can compile it clearly and derive appropriate measures from it.
In marketing, they can support us in the following areas:

Lead generation

Generated transaction data can be used to determine the intentions of anonymous website visitors. This works best on the basis of content. So-called intent data helps to address target customers in a personalized way.

Cross-selling and up-selling

Cross- and up-selling campaigns can work very well if they are also relevant to the customer in terms of content.

Personalized search results

Click behavior and customer history are analyzed. Based on this, search recommendations are created and displayed in real-time.

Flexible pricing model

Customers are able to compare prices online quickly and easily. By analyzing data (weather, holidays, etc.), the best price for a product can be calculated in real-time.


For a long time, predictive marketing was reserved for big players like Amazon or Google. Now, however, almost every company can make use of data-driven technologies to keep competitors at bay.