How can micro-moments be used?

The high usage of smartphones as a research tool offers marketers plenty of opportunities to communicate with their target audience, build brand loyalty, strengthen customer relationships and improve conversions.

Moment #1: I want to know

Moments when users often need help or are looking for more information: You get a travel tip from friends? Then you often want to know more about it and need information. You get this information with your smartphone.

⇒ This makes search engine optimized content and successful AdWords campaigns that match the specific search queries all the more important.

Moment #2: I want to go

Moments in which users already know very precisely what they want: A very important moment for companies. This is because the prospective customer is usually looking for a place directly in his vicinity. Those who search locally often also buy in a stationery store.

⇒ Let yourself be found where the action is. Investing in local search engine marketing is the next logical step to serve micro-moments exactly when and especially where they happen.

Moment #3: I want to do

Moments in which users very often turn to tutorials or how-to instructions: whether recipes or make-up tutorials, smartphones can be used at any time to learn more or to help themselves.

⇒ Offer guidance. Who reads manuals these days when you’re used to explainer videos on YouTube?

Moment #4: I want to buy

Moments when users specifically want to buy a product: The want-to-buy moment is the moment when the consumer decides to make a purchase.

⇒ Ensure fast response times to customer inquiries. The usability of a shopping app in particular has a major influence on whether a purchase is made or not.